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July 26,2008, The AVP Professional Beach Volleyball tour landed in Coney Island the July 18-20, it was a the hottest day of the year in New York City and the volleyball action was just as hot. In the last 2 months I have been to Coney Island to shoot, the boardwalk, The Mermaid Parade and now beach volleyball. Click on the images of the Mermaid Parade and beach volleyball to see the entire series for each.

July 24,2008, I was recently contacted by a street performer, Natalia Paruz (aka The Saw Lady), who is part of the MTA’s Music under New York program. when i arrived at the Union Square subway station she was being interviewed by MSG for an upcoming show on Music under New York. It was over 90 degrees, humid and crowded have a look at the photo shoot which will be included in an upcoming book on street performers.

Don’t forget to check out both The Saw lady’s website www.sawlady.com and Natalia’s Blog at www.sawlady/blog.

July 6,2008, Continuing with the Americana Parade theme, The ‘Moors July 4th Parade‘ is a neighborhood parade over 15 years old with the participants are families and friends of the neighborhood residents. Click on the image to see the entie series.

July 2, 2008, Just a quick note before the long holiday weekend, The NYC Pride March has come and gone, there are now 2 new image sets which are ready for you to enjoy.

The first is a short photo essay ‘The Fire Breathers‘ who entertained the spectators along the Pride March route.

Second is the longer, images of the ‘NYC Pride March‘. The weather made it interesting to shoot and dampened the bodies of the marchers but not the spirit of the day. Just click on the images and the slide show will start.

We have added a new page, ‘What’s New‘ just to make it easy to keep track of changes and updates.


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